1.3. Changelog

v. (2018-09-18)

  • Added download feature - it’s now possible to transfer files back from ESP to the local filesystem
  • From now on ESPresso uses object NodeMCU file model for file transfers
  • Improved simple telnet script included in the distribution

v. (2018-05-04)

  • Added possibility to transfer any file to ESP (no longer lua source files only)
  • Added lua source parse function of local files (requires luac compiler)
  • Added lua source compilation of local files (requires luac cross-compiler)
  • ESP Flash space usage indicator (inspired by Amiga Workbench 1.3 disk space usage indicator)
  • Local and ESP directories are now alphabetically sorted
  • NodeMCU version is now displayed upon connection
  • Redesigned output window, cleaned output messages
  • Fixed cursor position after file operations
  • Command buttons are now inactive during file operations
  • Fixed displaying timestamps for files created exactly at midnight
  • Redesigned ESP communication protocol handling
  • Directory sending attempt throws no errors anymore (but due to SPIFSS limitations is still not possible)

v. (2017-08-17)

  • Removed Del keyboard shortcut since it might have interfered with command line edit

v. (2017-08-14)

  • Fixed deleting of temporary files used by LuaSrcDiet
  • Automatic integer/float NodeMCU firmware recognition
  • Added distinct LuaSrcDiet options for integer and float NodeMCU firmwares
  • Extensive documentation created
  • Configurable ESP reset function
  • Connection timeouts and retries

v. (2017-02-05)

  • Fixed directory listing bug that might have caused some files to be missing on the first directory listing after connect
  • New rename dialog box that works under Linux
  • Some user interface bug fixes and improvements - more keyboard shortcuts
  • Added possibility to pass optional parameters to LuaSrcDiet

v. (2016-12-09)

  • New binary transfer mode that provides 100% carbon copy of source file on ESP side
  • Redesigned LuaSrcDiet compression. Now it uses interpreted script along with Lua interpreter
  • Source file preview with Lua syntax highlighting
  • Some user interface bug fixes and improvements

v. (2016-08-09)

  • Fixed some code portability issues
  • Initial Linux release

v. (2016-07-29)

  • Initial release