3.3. Plugging adapter

Adapter should be inserted to straddle the centerline of a breadboard like DIP ICs. That leaves tie points for all signals uncovered by the adapter itself. Following number of uncovered tie points is available:

Signal Uncovered tie points Location according to the centerline Pin type
RESET 1 left Control
ADC 4 left Analog
CH_PD 3 left Control
GPIO16 4 right GPIO
GPIO14 4 right GPIO
GPIO12 4 right GPIO
GPIO13 4 right GPIO
VCC 4 right Power
CS0 4 right SPI
MISO 4 right SPI
GPIO9 4 right GPIO
GPIO10 4 right GPIO
MOSI 4 right SPI
SCLK 4 right SPI
GND 4 right Power
GPIO15 4 right GPIO / Control
GPIO2 4 right GPIO / Control
GPIO0 4 right GPIO / Control
GPIO4 4 right GPIO
GPIO5 3 left GPIO
RX 4 left Serial
TX 1 left Serial


Due to space constrains all GPIO pins are labeled simply IO + number on a breakout board (i.e. GPIO10 is labeled IO10).