2.1. Parts list

Following parts are used to prepare fully functional ESP-12 breadboard adapter:

  • ESP-12 adapter printed circuit board (PCB).
  • ESP8266 ESP-12 module (not included in the kit). Legacy (16 pin) or E/F (22 pin) versions are supported.
  • 4x 10KΩ pull-up / pull-down R_RST, R_IO0, R_IO2 and R_IO15 resistors (for RESET, CH_PD, GPIO0, GPIO2 and GPIO15 pins respectively).
  • 1x 100Ω current limiting R_CHPD resistor for CH_PD pin.
  • 2.54 mm (0.1 inch or 100 mil) pin header. 22 pins in total are required (at least 16 if you use legacy ESP-12) sliced into following pieces:
    • 1x 16 pins (or optionally 2x 5 pins for legacy modules without SPI, GPIO9 and GPIO10 interfaces),
    • 2x 2 pins,
    • 2x 1 pin.


If you plan to change state of CH_PD pin in your design then you probably should consider changing R_CHPD to a higher value (to make it a weak pull-up).


PCB is designed with 7.5 mm grid for resistors to save space. Please keep in mind that this is optimal for most 0.4 W resistors but may be a bit narrow for 0.6 W resistors.