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I’m glad to announce that new version of ESPresso is out.

This is the first time when versions for all platforms are released at the same time. Additionally two new user requested platforms are available: Linux/i386 and Linux/armhf. All versions are available at the download page.

This release introduces many changes and improvements. Probably the most important among them is possibility to transfer any kind of file to the ESP (not only lua sources). On the local side you can now parse and even compile (on Linux) lua files prior to transferring them to your microcontroller. Please refer to the changelog for full list of changes in version

All the changes are reflected in updated documentation which explains them in details.

I hope that you’ll enjoy new ESPresso and it will make your work with NodeMCU and ESP8266 even more pleasant and efficient. As usual please feel free to write any comments here on dedicated esp8266.com forum.

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