2.6. Connecting to ESP

ESPresso uses direct TCP/IP connection to connect to an ESP. No additional software is required as system TCP stack is used.

Before connecting make sure that telnet script is running at ESP side (see ESP side installation).

  1. Enter Address of your ESP and Port that telnet is listening on. 2323 is commonly used port number.
  2. Toggle Connect button.

ESPresso uses following parameters from INI file when connecting to the ESP (all values are in milliseconds):

Section Key Description Default value
[CONN] timeout Connection attempt timeout 5000 [ms] (= 5 s)
[CONN] reconnect_delay Delay between timeout and reconnection attempt 3000 [ms] (= 3 s)

When connection attempt timeout occurs ESPresso tries to reconnect after reconnect_delay period. This happens until a connection is established or user cancels operation by pressing Disconnect button.

ESPresso remembers last connection details.

As soon as connection is established ESPresso:

  1. Checks for NodeMCU firmware type (integer or float - see Firmware dependent LuaSrcDiet parameters) and version,
  2. Retrieves ESP directory listing and storage space usage (see Space usage indicator).

To disconnect from ESP press Disconnect button when connected or close ESPresso.