2.4. Local operations (left panel)

Left panel allows you to browse through the local filesystem and choose a file for upload.


Top bar is used for directory selection. ESPresso remembers last directory path on exit.

Main area displays current directory listing. You can navigate through the files and directories using mouse or keyboard:

  • use cursor keys to move up and down the list,
  • press Enter key to enter a directory,
  • press Backspace key to move to the parent directory.

File size is given in bytes. Items are sorted alphabetically. Directories can be distinguished by the <DIR> label in the Size column. Entry .. represents parent directory and may be also used to move across the path.


Inactive command button means that the operation is not applicable for selected file or configuration is incomplete (please refer Installation chapter).

2.4.1. Lua file preview

You can preview selected Lua file by pressing View button or F3 key. Preview uses Lua source highlighting.


Exit from preview by pressing Escape key or simply closing its window.

2.4.2. Lua file parse

Press Parse button to parse local *.lua source files. Parser output is printed in the terminal window (see Terminal window ⑥). This allows you to quickly check syntax of your files before uploading them to the ESP.


Lua compiler has to be installed on the system for this function to work, however ESP8266 cross-compiler is not necessary. Please refer Lua compiler for more details on compiler configuration.

2.4.3. Lua local file cross-compile

Press Compile button in the left pane to cross-compile local *.lua source files. Cross-compiler output is printed in the terminal window (see Terminal window ⑥). This allows you to prepare *.lc files on your PC and send them to the ESP.


This action is performed on your PC an therefore proper ESP8266 cross-compiler need to be present on your system. Please refer Lua cross-compiler for more details on cross-compiler configuration.

2.4.4. Lua / all files filter

Show all toggle switch changes display filter of the local (left) pane:

  • Show all - I (on): display all files present on the local filesystem.
  • Show all - O (off): filter local file list to the *.lua (Lua source) and *.lc (Lua compiled) files.


When Show all is on you are able to send any file to the ESP.